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The Swordfish Challenge

Fishing Dates: September 1st-December 1st 2022

Captains Meeting/ Registration  August 26th
@ North Palm Beach Marina 6-8pm

Our weigh ins will be located in Miami, Hillsboro, Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Stuart. The locations will be published once they are all organized. 

Weigh in

Fishing will be from Ft Pierce to Miami.Teams can fish 5 days and can weigh up to 10 fish/2 a day. We wanted to make this a fun tournament with a bit of challenge. Our point system is so that it adds some challenge to the teams and makes them strategize on their tactic. We hope everyone likes our format and can't wait to host another amazing tournament.

Click Below To See All The Tournament Rules 

Point System 

Released Swordfish 75 pts

Swordfish Caught & Weighed on Electric is 1pt Per Pounds

Swordfish Caught & Weighed on Conventional Tackle is 1.1pts per pound 

Calcutta devisons 
  1. Top release points 1st,2nd,3rd $500

  2. Heaviest Overall 1st,2nd,3rd $500

  3. Overall Total Points 1st,2nd,3rd $500

  4. 2 Fish Aggregate 1st,2nd,3rd $500

  5. Heaviest Pomfret/Deep Water Creature $200

Early Entry Fee : $750 Untill August 15th

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